This HowTo teaches you how to Use a SwarmLab noVNC Lab.

1. Quick 1 minute demo

A very quick 1 minute demo showing noVNC in Firefox

2. Copy/Paste

SwarmLab Copy/Paste
Figure 1. Copy/paste

A solution for clipboard transfer is available.

  • Text copied in the remote desktop will appear in the clipboard box in noVNC’s interface.

  • You can then copy the text from that box to access it in your local clipboard.

  • Any text put into the clipboard box will be sent to the remote clipboard as well.

3. Settings

Figure 2. Settings

There are many settings in the interface, including

  • local cursor,

  • scaling,

  • clipping mode for viewport panning and automatic reconnection.

4. keyboard keys

Figure 3. Extra buttons

Some keyboard keys and combinations are intercepted by the browser.

We have added the most common keys to the interface to allow such keys to be sent to the remote desktop.

Note that the control bar can be dragged to whichever side you prefer, simply drag the handle.