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Swarmlab is a powerful collaboration tool that connects tutors and students in a unique all-in-one environment that gets work done fast and easily

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Swarmlab Docs

Quick-start guide!

  • The first steps
  • Register, Login etc
  • Main Menou
  • Tutor/Student Menou etc

Learning Objects Notebooks

A Swarmlab LearningObject Notebook lets users create and share documents that contain live code, visualisation, and many other types of components.

  • Run, Try
  • Create, Publish

Create Labroom

  • Enter lab room area
  • Bootstrap
  • Tutor/Student Menou etc

SwarmLab with NoVNC!

  • HowTo Use a SwarmLab noVNC Lab.

SwarmLab gitea!

  • create a new repository
  • clone repository
  • add & commit, push

Get Involved!

We invite anyone to come and participate in the creation of Swarmlab.io. Regardless of your skillset, we’re sure there is something you can add to our community and project.

Lab Courses!

Interactive participatory online lab courses

Swarmlab Videos!

Create Git Repo!

Request Tutor Verification!

Bootstrap Playground!

Run Playground!

Run Learning Object!

Run Learning Object - History

It would be useful!

Using Asciidoctor!

What is Git?