Welcome to Swarmlab!


Swarmlab provides the user with the unique abillity to create Labrooms (or other applications) and share them as project images expanding the simple ideas to full-blown systems.

  • "Swarmlab" is developed with a platform agnostic" container-based application strategy

A platform-agnostic approach offers many choices

  • Can be seamlessly moved from local development machine to production deployment

  • Flexibility, Reliability

    • Avoiding Vendor Lock-In

  • From Code to full-blown systems

    • from a single container on your local machine

    • to a running cloud native - container-based environment

An all of that using only the browser and the command line of their system.


You will be connected to the Swarmlab Cloud (hence HYBRID) but you will be able to use your own storage(move files around, delete/copy etc), your own networking and computational power(cpu/graphics etc) and create a system exactly the way you need it.

This way you will be able to :

  • create images for testing.

  • Run them using docker.

  • Share them for others to use and develop.

  • Finally browse the cloud for shared images to integrate into your project and make it even better.

Ready to run out-of-the-box

Normally the docker dataflow is as described in the following images:

docker build docker run


Hybrid VEnus Network Unification Service

We have created an ever-growing database of readilly accessible labrooms you can choose from

Ready to use, on demand virtual labs/microservices
  • Run and manage said rooms and application

  • Create Labrooms/Applications/Microservices

    • create once - scale up or down without rebuilding

  • on-demand

    • sandbox environments

    • Virtual Labrooms

    • Virtual Classrooms

    • Proof-of-Concept (POC)

  • Move Labs between environments

VENUS makes collaboration easier

Build the network you require on demand and without effort.

You can Create and manage

  • on-demand network environments using any cloud over any network

  • Connect multiple computers through a network.

  • Share your Labrooms/Applications/Microservices with your friends

  • Move Labs between networks

  • anything else that might suit your needs in a dynamic and Scalable Distributed Architecture

Swarmlab-Venus provides

  • Secure and state-of-the-art cryptography - integrated across all connections

  • Manage the entire network as a service

  • Architecture/Platform Agnostic

  • Manage user network access

  • Network traffic analysis

Focus on Your project code,

Not in servers and Lab settings

Chose the labroom you need and ... you are ready

Focus on Your lab project,

Not in lab and Network settings

Chose the labroom you need and deploy it to your participants

Write your docs and lab code in your prefered language and share it!.