Share app

This is the area where we will guide you to share your app

browse apps

share app
Figure 1. share app

The menu shows the instances that are running (we have started them beforehand using swarmlab hybrid)

Now we can choose the ones we want to share.

app info

To request more info about the app we use the more Info icon

app info
Figure 2. browsing app info

share app

To share an app we use the share button

browse network
Figure 3. browsing network

Underneath the share we can see all the networks we are connected to

We now choose the one over which we would like to share the app.

share status

browse network
Figure 4. share status
we can see our status using the shared, when the app is shared the network button will appear.

share info

share info
Figure 5. share info

the info shows information about the shared app

  • the "public" that we can share to other users

  • the private url we can use to connect ourselves

for example we can see that we are using eth0 and we can also see the ip address.

The following is the link the users have to use.

undo share

To stop sharing we can use the Default button

share default info
Figure 6. share default info
we can again check the status using the shared, when shared, the network button will appear.


Share app

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