This is the area where we will guide you to share volumes


Volume menou
Figure 1. share volume


To share a volume we will be using the volume share icon icon

and be greeted by the following menu:

Volume create
Figure 2. create volume

Please choose a name before clicking on the Create Volume button

You can now locate the volume under My shared Volumes

Volume create info
Figure 3. volume info

Directory info

To locate the shared directory we can use the volume info icon icon

This is located under the My shared Volumes and next to the corresponding volume.

Volume dir info
Figure 4. volume directory info

e.g. the dir from the example is


here we can drop any file we would like to share


To delete we can simply use the volume delete icon icon

again found under the My shared Volumes menu and next to the corresponding volume.

Volume create info
Figure 5. volume info
deleting a volume only terminates the connection and DOES NOT delete the stored data.

shared volume info

After sharing a volme it will be available under the Shared volumes menu

Volume shared info
Figure 6. shared volume info
other users that look for your network will also have the above info


Share volume

Learn how to share a volume

Remove Shared volume

Learn how to remove a shared volume