This is the area where you can View and Manage your running Instances

View your running Instances

You can easily browse throught the running instances in the list using the search bar at the top.

Manage instanches
Figure 1. view containers


To request more info about the instance we use the more icon Info


Figure 2. info menou


more buttons

  • We can connect to the instance by using the connect button

  • We can stop it by using the stop button

  • We can show the log messages by using the log button

  • We can list exposed ports outside the Docker Networks by using the link button

  • We can get info about the network with the network button more network (see below).


The Console window shows the log messages for the running instance

Figure 3. console


To request more info about the network we use the network icon Network

Figure 4. network info

manage network


Networks can be configured to provide complete isolation for containers, which enable building applications that work together securely.

You can add containers to one or more networks. A container with attachments to multiple networks can connect with all of the containers on all of those networks. This lets you build a “hub” of sorts.

multiple network

To add more networks we use the network icon Network


You can use Ctrl to select multiple networks

After we have selected the desired networks we can update them by using the update icon