This is the area where we will guide you to Join the network you desire


You can easily browse throught the available networks in the list using the search bar at the top.

Browsing network
Figure 1. browsing network


To request more info about the network we use the more Info icon

network info
Figure 2. browsing network

Request access

To request network access we use the Request Access button

the button is only visible if youre NOT already connected!


network connect

After requesting access and it being granted by the owner we will be able to see the accept icon.

when this icon appears it meant we are ready to use the network using the Start Network button

obviously the network has to be up and running

the join column informs us about our connection status

we can connect as many networks as we please

connect mode

connect modus
Figure 3. connect mode

The host option is used to make the interface look like they are running on the host itself

The container option containerizes the containers networking


host connect

It allows the Virtual Network Interface greater network access than it can normally get.

If you use 'host' then you’ll get all ports listening on the host.

This means you will have to monitor the services you run closely (especially if it’s not yours, e.g. an official one provided by a software project) to make sure you don’t inadvertently expose extra services to the network.

With this option you can access the other participants in the network and vice versa from your computer


container connect

A container option is used to isolate the services from the outside world

With this option you can NOT access the other participants in the network and vice versa from your computer

connect status

connect status
Figure 4. connect status

after connecting we will be seing something along the following:

  • our status in the join column

  • the Leave Network button we can use to disconnect

  • the Interface name and whether it is up or down

  • the creted Network(interface) name

connect info

all of the above information is also accessible using the Service Info button

connect status info
Figure 5. connect status info


connect status
  • the Leave Network button → use it to disconnect


Request Access

Learn how to request access

Join Network

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