This is where your wondeful journey in the vast world of Swarmlab begins.

Senario 1

  • you are a teacher and want to prepare your lesson

    • create exercises and examples

    • share them with your students

  • you are a student and want to try your newly acquired knowledge on some project

  • you are a Developer and would like to denug your application or a real world senario

    • you want to provide POC

  • you are a user and just want to try out stuff

    • you want to play around with examples but are too scared to do so on your system

Well this is where you start!

Senario 2

You have already completed senario 1 (using swarmlab or you own resources) and would now like to collaborate with others.

  • as a teacher you would like to share the lesson you have prepared and work on it throughout the semester

  • as a developer you want to coordinate with your team

  • as a student you want to communicate and cooperate with your friends

Lets begin!